100 Ideas. Infinite Possibilities.

Not everybody is an entrepreneur, but everybody should get to take a shot at becoming one. Every would-be entrepreneur accesses a little capital to try out a new idea. A few thousand dollars to try a new concept is harder to come by than a $100,000 loan once the business has been running a couple years.

Start Garden created 100 Ideas with a consortium of banks as a no-strings-attached way to fund people to take a shot at new endeavors each year. It's a community-wide investment in the businesses and organizations of tomorrow. 

100 Ideas exists to open the gate for the whole community to try out new ideas each year, knowing that some can be life-changing.

It’s only 100 seconds.

Don't hold back. Take a chance on yourself.

Until April 10, anyone can submit a 100-second pitch from anywhere, in any language.

100 days to $100,000.

After April 10, we announce 100 ideas that have been submitted to the website to receive $1,000 each. Those 100 ideas have about two months to do the work of figuring out how they can be viable businesses or projects. We created this scorecard to help out.

And there’s more. $20,000 more.

All 100 ideas must present to a group of judges at our July 10 Demo Day. A minimum of 10 will be selected for another $20,000 to keep incubating their projects.

But it’s not about the money.

It’s about giving would-be entrepreneurs a chance to join a community of like-minded mentors, advisors and friends that can build and grow with them for years to come.

Take your shot. The worst that can happen is that nothing happens.


Your idea could be the next big thing.

Sorry, submissions are no longer being accepted.